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Albuquerque Westside
6240 Riverside Plaza Lane NW, Suite 100
Albuquerque, NM

Featured Property

Featured Property

We Represented the Seller In Selling this Fabulous Home
In North Albuquerque Acres Sold In 12 DAYS!!!!! Listed at

We Worked with the Buyers on This Exquisite Home
Purchase in January 2016!!  Listed at $1,175,000

Wonderful Home Sold Quickly For Our Sellers in the
Trillium Neighborhood!!  Listed at $409,900

Listed at $690,000.  We Sold This Home In 70 Days 
In a Challenging Market!!

Our Out of Town Buyers Bought This Great Find In
Bernalillo!! Listed at $350,000

Listed at $497,000 - We Sold This Lovely North Valley
Home Sold In 35 Days!!

8 Days!! Is How Long It Took Our Sellers to Sell This
Double Lot in Primrose Pointe!!  Listed at $790,000

This UNM Area Beauty Is Where Our Buyers Call
Home! Listed At $274,500 

Listed at $442,000 Our Buyers Love Their New Home
In the NE

In One Day We Found This Gem for Our Buyers! Listed
At $218,800